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Message from the founder: Mike Freeman

So I get it…

Part of your new years resolution in January of every year is to lose the extra weight, so you join a gym. In the beginning you go 3-5 times a week, but overtime, conflicting priorities begin to get in the way of your progress and eventually you stop going altogether. Or you vowed to start a new diet, lost a few pounds, plateaued and then went back to your old habits of poor eating.

So what happened? Why did you fail?

It’s a fact that over 90% of people who set goals for new years resolution fail to achieve them. Does this mean that you didn’t want to achieve your goals? Of course not, but the odds were stacked against you from the beginning.

Simply put, you tried to make a lifestyle change, which is extremely difficult to do cold turkey. That approach can and has worked for some but for most it’s a repetitive habit of failure. Overtime you begin to doubt if it’s possible for you to change at all.

Here’s what I think the health and fitness industry must improve when it comes to helping people live healthier lives: there should be more emphasis and focus on the pressures, issues and trials that people endure and how those things may impact their ability to achieve their health and fitness goals.

I’ve identified 3 critical issues that may impact someone’s ability to transform their lifestyle from unhealthy to healthy.

1. Negative Mentality

How you think in general as well as how you think about yourself plays a huge role in your ability to actually complete a goal. Negative thinking, low self-esteem, lack of confidence, low set of standards and expectations, all negatively impact your chances of success.

2. Outside Influences

Many of us are dealing with stress due to frustrations at work, managing a health condition, struggling with debt or maybe even having family or social issues. Dealing with these types of issues while trying to make a lifestyle change is extremely difficult and requires a lot of help, support and planning.

3. Poor Planning

This is not simply gaining access to or creating a workout or diet plan. This refers to a lack of planning for how you are going to manage all of the Outside Influences that gets in the way of You taking better care of You.

Many fitness professionals aren’t trained or invested in considering your life as whole and the roadblocks that you may be facing outside of the gym. The traditional gym franchise does not have a viable solution that can help you change your mentality leading to a change in lifestyle.

This is why I believe it’s important to consider working with a Coach that focuses on helping you to rebuild your mentality while considering the Outside Influences in your life that may take time, energy and focus away from your journey.


Grind Life Coaching is a coaching program that is designed to help you on your journey in becoming more fit mentally and physically resulting in better overall productivity while improving your well-being. I’ve created a coaching model that is entitled the “Relentless Improvement Model” that I believe applies the right balance of Planning, Motivation and Accountability to help people build new habits that lead to true lifestyle change.

I am also in the process of establishing a coaching network of professionals with different backgrounds and expertise on multiple areas of health, giving you a diverse roster of resources to help you on your journey.

At Grind Life Coaching, we believe gaining and maintaining good health should not just be focused on the physical side of your life, but should also include other areas as well. We believe that a status of good Health is determined by having balance in your finances, career, mentality, social relationships, in addition to your physical health impacted by your fitness and nutrition. At Grind Life Coaching, we are dedicated to creating real solutions that can help you rebuild and repair your foundation in all of these areas which will dramatically improve your ability to achieve your lifetime goals and serve God.

Below are the 7 “Health Categories” that I’ve identified as critical to having balance in life:

• Physical Health • Mental & Emotional Health • Financial Health • Career Health • Spiritual Health • Social Health • Environmental Health

At Grind Life Coaching I believe that taking care of yourself is not a selfish act but is critical to your ability to support and serve others in your community or in your professional career.

If you are tired of starting the change process but failing to sustain it, consider working with a Grind Life Coach today. Your first introductory session with a coach is Free.

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